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FIVE (5) Properties To Add To Your Portfolio In 2023

As year 2022 is going to an end, it is necessary we start planning for the coming year. As a good investor, you will want to end next year better that the previous ones and to achieve this you need to start planning how to about the next year

One major aspect that can increase your wealth come 2023 is by investing in properties. As i alway say, if God want to bless a man, He introduce him to real estate. Here in this article, i will bring out the best properties you should have.

1. Beachfront Properties: Proximity to the beach has consistently been a key driver in enhancing demand for waterfront properties around the world. Apart from the obvious advantages of exclusivity and lifestyle, there is also strong scientific evidence to suggest living near water has positive psychological and physiological effects.

There are some beachfront properties you can buy at affordable price with C of O. The development are fast growing and return on investment is high. Click  here for the best beachfront property in Lagos.

2. Investment Properties: Don’t wait until you have huge amount of millions before you get yourself a property. WIth investment properties in developing areas such as Epe, Lagos State, you can get yourself a good property with lesser price and get a high return on investment. If you need a property for investment purposes with a flexible payment plan, then, don’t delay to message me on whatsApp below

3. Offplan Properties: This is one of the best properties you should buy in year 2023 because it has some advantages over already built properties. Offplan properties are houses under construction. You buy and the company build for you. Here you buy at cheaper rate and you can give some little design to the interior. You enjoy a very huge return on investment.

4. Completed Building: These are properties that are hundred percent completed and it is ready to pack in. If you don’t want the offplan or you want to move in as fast as possible then, you can consider getting a completed property from us. You can send us a WhatsApp message here.

5. Foreshore Properties: Looking for a property with a water view and where you can easily access other neighborhood like lekki phase 1 through boat system then this foreshore property is a most to have.

This year is a year you must plan to add more properties to your portfolio. HERE THIS, YOU DON’T WAIT TO BUY RATHER YOU BUY REAL ESTATE AND WAIT BECAUSE THE PRICE WILL INCREASE SOON. Make it a priority this year to own as much properties as you can. Message me on WhatsApp to get started


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