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The Boulevard 2.0 is a residential estate inspired by foresight, to meet the demand for a premium living experience, that will seal the promise of comfort, convenience, and tranquility, and allow its inhabitants to appreciate the full extent of urban living.

Introducing The Boulevard 2.0: Grab The Exclusive Introductory Prices

THE BOULEVARD ESTATE 2.0 Witnessing the thriving cities of Lagos, such as Ikeja, Ikoyi, Lekki, and Victoria Island, may have left you feeling regretful for not seizing the investment opportunities they presented. Brace up! Another opportunity is knocking at your door, giving you the chance to buy the future today without breaking the bank. Epe is the new Lagos, and you cannot afford to miss being...

Epe(the boulevard estate) is the most affordable investment hub in Nigeria right now with high return on investment. Land in Epe is getting out of the ‘affordable’

Most Affordable Investment Hub In Nigeria

Most affordable Investment Hub In Nigeria With High Return On Investment Whether you are an avid real estate investor or you are just getting started, you must have heard of a city in Lagos called Epe. Epe is the most preferred investment hub in Nigeria right now. And land in Epe is getting out of the ‘affordable’ tag. In 2015, you’ll comfortably buy a plot of land in Epe for...

Lekki-Epe International Airport

International Airport (Lekki-Epe): Effect On Investment

Effect Of Lekki-Epe International Airport On Real Estate Investment 2016, 7 years ago, was the first time I heard about the new Lekki-Epe International Airport. While there were many doubting Thomases, only a few invested around the axis of the proposed site of the new airport. Back then, we were selling a plot for N4m with a certificate of occupancy. Today, a plot of land in that axis sells...

The Boulevard Estate Epe

The Boulevard Estate Epe: 7 Facts About The Boulevard Estate Epe

The Boulevard Estate Epe is a strategically located private community in the promising area of Ketu Epe where government and private projects are springing up on a daily basis. No doubt, Lagos has been the commercial capital city and one thing you can’t take out of it is its booming real estate market. Cities like Lekki, Ikoyi, Ikeja, and Victoria Island will always make you wonder who the smart,...

The Boulevard Estate, Ketu-Epe is directly facing the road that leads to the new Lekki-Epe International Airport. 

The Boulevard Epe: What your Investment Will Be In 15 Years Time

The Boulevard Estate Ketu Epe: What your Investment Will Be In 15 Years After.  It’s 2038 and you’re about to build a 4-bedroom fully detached duplex on your land in The Boulevard Epe. Epe has started turning into the kind of future you heard about 15 years ago. • The Lekki-Epe International Airport has start functioning. • Film City is grabbing attentions of all entertainers around the...

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