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Lekki-Epe International Airport

5 Properties Around Lekki-Epe International Airport

Lekki-Epe International Airport is an airport development project east of Lagos, Nigeria. The master plan has been completed and a 3500 hectare site for the airport has been secured. The airport is designed to handle five million passengers per annum but with scope for future expansion. Lagos State's Government has received authorization from the Nigerian Government to commence development of a...

The Boulevard Estate Epe

The Boulevard Estate Epe: 7 Facts About The Boulevard Estate Epe

The Boulevard Estate Epe is a strategically located private community in the promising area of Ketu Epe where government and private projects are springing up on a daily basis. No doubt, Lagos has been the commercial capital city and one thing you can’t take out of it is its booming real estate market. Cities like Lekki, Ikoyi, Ikeja, and Victoria Island will always make you wonder who the smart,...

Government Allocated C of O

Real Estate Property To Buy With Fast Allocation

After buying of Land, the next thing that comes to your mind is when will my property be allocated to me? I have received many messages from investors telling me they are now afraid of buying land because the one they bought sometimes ago has not been allocated to them. Allocation is the rights to land. It is the boundaries of parcels for which the rights are allocated. It is the transfer of...

How Safe Is Investing In Epe? Why Epe, Lagos is the Next Hotspot for Real Estate Investment Lagos, Nigeria is known for its bustling metropolis and thriving economy.

How Safe Is Investing In Epe?

The reason why buying and selling of property has been a good and profitable investment is the fact that land never depreciates in values no matter the area. If you have visited Epe recently, you will have seen so many commercial activities coming up in that axis. Also the private estates coming up are numerous. You will wonder why all these development? And the answer is Epe is the New Lagos When it...

cheap land in Lagos to invest in for fast return on investment

Cheapest Land In Lagos: Top 5 Locations To Invest In Lands That Will Bring High Returns On Investment

With the high demand in accommodation, cost of rent increases thereby most people look for  cheapest land in Lagos to buy and own some piece of land to themselves Fortunately, Nigeria is bless with a lot of land mass but not every will bring good return on your investment. When looking for a location to invest in land, some factors to consider include good amenities, standard of living and rate of...

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