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Real Estate Property To Buy With Fast Allocation

After buying of Land, the next thing that comes to your mind is when will my property be allocated to me? I have received many messages from investors telling me they are now afraid of buying land because the one they bought sometimes ago has not been allocated to them. Allocation is the rights to land. It is the boundaries of parcels for which the rights are allocated. It is the transfer of...


Most times it becomes an argument between buyer/investors and realtors after paying for a property and then discover that they have to pay some additional money. The truth you may not hear is that before you can take full possession of your property, you need to pay for some documents which I call statutory fees.  Same way you have to change car particulars to reflect your name and pay for documents...

Meaning, Importance, and Purpose Of Deed of Assignment in Nigeria

A deed of assignment is an important document to have when transferring of ownership of land or property from one party to the other. There has to be document agreement between a buyer known as assignor (the seller) and assignee (the buyer or the purchaser)before transaction can be completed. What is A Deed of Assignment? A Deed of Assignment is an essential legal land document that records a sale of...

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