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Reasons To Invest In Beachfront Properties

Here are reasons investing in waterfront properties makes more economic sense

Besides accessibility, there are other reasons location is a major consideration when an investor puts out money for purposes of investment.

Beachfront properties are those with great and alluring water views, properties in this location account for significant value in terms of return on investment.

Beachfront properties are rewarding investment assets and, because they are normally scarce, the scarcity allows them to retain their value. Again, because such properties have resale value, they also have an edge when it comes to rental purposes. People want to rent waterfront homes for the same reasons that they want to buy one.

Apart from the economic benefits that come in form of return on investment, buying or renting waterfront properties also gives buyers or renters a sense of health and wellbeing.

Living close to water has significant benefits to one’s mental state. Water has a calming effect. Further research also shows that living by the water offers more fitness and recreation options.

I noted that, in recent years, especially with the pandemic which has seen health and wellbeing becoming a top priority, affluent Nigerians are now influencing even where they choose to live, adding, “as a result, investors and residents who value healthy lifestyle often opt for properties with waterfront access, views and other fitness activities.

She noted that waterfront properties usually have demand edge, explaining that because of the strong wellbeing and affluence factor associated with them, everyone desires such assets and so they are always in demand.

Research shows that a property on the water-edge is, on the average, worth more than those located on the inland. This is the more reason a waterfront property in Banana Island (Ikoyi) and Twin Lakes are far more expensive than others within the same estate and also in high demand.

The reason for this comes down to the simple laws of economics. Properties which are genuinely on the water are few and far between. The exclusivity of waterfront properties often requires larger investments, but the long-term capital appreciation will be far greater.

I advised that whenever there is an opportunity to invest in waterfront plots, investors should take advantage of it, these are the golden plots with guaranteed future success in any market.

Negotiating is great, but when it comes to waterfront plots or properties, be ready to pay the premium over regular plots because the demand and supply ratio makes it a sound investment.

Here we have two waterfront properties on the Lekki Ajah area of Lagos state currently selling for a promo price you can take advantage of the opportunity before price increases.

THE WEALTHY ISLET located in Eko Akete Abijo Ajah Lekki.

Tittle C of O

500sqm 25m
1000sqm 50m
3m initial deposit.

AMBIANCE FORESHORE is located in sangotedo Ajah Lekki directly opposite crown estate and less than 1 minute drive to Novare ShopRite.

Tittle: C of O

300sqm 21.5m
500sqm 35m
Lakeview plot 40m
5m initial deposit.

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