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Introducing The Boulevard 2.0: Grab The Exclusive Introductory Prices

The Boulevard 2.0 is a residential estate inspired by foresight, to meet the demand for a premium living experience, that will seal the promise of comfort, convenience, and tranquility, and allow its inhabitants to appreciate the full extent of urban living.


Witnessing the thriving cities of Lagos, such as Ikeja, Ikoyi, Lekki, and Victoria Island, may have left you feeling regretful for not seizing the investment opportunities they presented.

Brace up!

Another opportunity is knocking at your door, giving you the chance to buy the future today without breaking the bank.

Epe is the new Lagos, and you cannot afford to miss being a part of it.

Why look at the future Epe and regret missed opportunities when you can seize them now?

Introducing The Boulevard 2.0, a residential estate inspired by foresight. It aims to meet the demand for a premium living experience, sealing the promise of comfort, convenience, and tranquility. This estate allows its inhabitants to appreciate the full extent of urban living.

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LOCATION: Behind Grace Polytechnic, Ketu-Omu, Epe, Lagos.

TITLE: Freehold



Ensuring the safety and well-being of residents is a top priority at The Boulevard 2.0. The estate features round-the-clock security measures to provide peace of mind to all residents.

Electricity Supply

Reliable electricity supply is crucial for a comfortable and modern lifestyle. The Boulevard 2.0 ensures uninterrupted power to meet the residents’ daily needs.

Perimeter Fencing

A secure and well-defined boundary is established with perimeter fencing, providing a sense of exclusivity and privacy within the estate.

Good Road Network

Smooth and well-maintained roads within the estate enhance accessibility and ease of movement for residents and visitors.

Drainage System

A functional drainage system is in place to prevent flooding and ensure proper water management within the estate.

Potable Water Supply

Access to clean and safe drinking water is essential for a healthy living environment. The Boulevard 2.0 guarantees a reliable potable water supply for all residents.

Green Areas

Ample green spaces and landscaped areas are incorporated into the estate design, promoting a serene and eco-friendly ambiance.

Children’s Playground

Families with children will appreciate the dedicated children’s playground within The Boulevard 2.0. It offers a safe and enjoyable space for kids to play and interact.


For health-conscious residents, The Boulevard 2.0 provides a well-equipped gym. It allows individuals to maintain an active lifestyle without leaving the comfort of the estate.

Solar Street Lighting

Environmentally friendly solar street lighting is implemented throughout the estate, reducing energy consumption and contributing to sustainable living.

And More

The Boulevard 2.0 goes beyond the basics, offering additional amenities and features to enhance the residents’ living experience.

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Epe, with its strategic location and promising future, is surrounded by various landmarks and developments that further enhance its appeal. Here are some noteworthy landmarks near The Boulevard 2.0:

  • Proposed Lekki-Epe Int’l Airport
  • Lagos State Food Security and Logistic Hub
  • Lagos State Emergency and Security Dispatch Centre
  • Alaro City
  • African Film & Media City
  • Epe Spa & Resort
  • Grace Polytechnic
  • Ketu Police Station
  • Universities
  • International Schools
  • And more

These landmarks contribute to the growth and development of Epe, making it an attractive destination for investors and residents alike.


The Boulevard 2.0 offers an exclusive introductory price for a limited time. This is an opportunity to secure your investment at a competitive rate. The introductory prices for different plot sizes are as follows:

  • 500sqm: N3.5 million
  • 300sqm: N2.4 million


At The Boulevard 2.0, flexible payment options are available to make owning your dream property even more accessible. The payment plan includes an initial deposit and a balanced spread over a convenient period. Here are the details:

  • Initial deposit: N500,000
  • Balance spread over 6 months with just N200,000 interest

This payment plan allows you to secure your plot with ease and convenience.


Investing in properties around educational institutes offers unique advantages. A prime example is the area surrounding the University of Lagos (Unilag), which has experienced significant appreciation in property value over the years. Investing early in such locations provides several benefits, including:

  1. High rental demand from students, faculty, and staff
  2. Potential for long-term capital appreciation
  3. Enhanced infrastructure and amenities in educational hubs
  4. Proximity to intellectual and cultural activities
  5. Stable and reliable rental income

Don’t miss the chance to leverage these advantages in Epe, where The Boulevard 2.0 is strategically located near educational institutes and other significant developments.


The Boulevard Estate 2.0 presents a remarkable opportunity to invest in the future of Epe, Lagos. With its thoughtfully planned facilities, strategic location, and promising landmarks, this residential estate offers a premium living experience.

To learn more about The Boulevard 2.0 and schedule an inspection, visit BayhanHomes or contact BayhanHomes via Call/WhatsApp: +2348138623765.


1. Can I visit The Boulevard 2.0 for an inspection? Absolutely! To schedule an inspection at The Boulevard 2.0, please contact BayhanHomes via Call/WhatsApp: +2348138623765.

2. Are the prices all-inclusive? Yes, the prices mentioned for The Boulevard 2.0 are all-inclusive of Land, Deed, Survey, and Development fees.

3. What is the deadline for the introductory price? The introductory price for The Boulevard 2.0 ends on the 31st of May, 2023. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity and make sure to seize the benefits of this time-limited offer.

4. Can I spread the payment for the plot I choose? Yes, The Boulevard 2.0 offers a convenient payment plan that allows you to spread the balance over 6 months with just N200,000 interest.

5. Why is investing around educational institutes beneficial? Investing in properties near educational institutes offers advantages such as high rental demand, potential for long-term capital appreciation, and proximity to intellectual and cultural activities.

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