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How Safe Is Investing In Epe?

How Safe Is Investing In Epe? Why Epe, Lagos is the Next Hotspot for Real Estate Investment Lagos, Nigeria is known for its bustling metropolis and thriving economy.

The reason why buying and selling of property has been a good and profitable investment is the fact that land never depreciates in values no matter the area.

If you have visited Epe recently, you will have seen so many commercial activities coming up in that axis. Also the private estates coming up are numerous. You will wonder why all these development? And the answer is Epe is the New Lagos

When it comes to Investment, let’s give it all to Epe. It holds The Future of Lagos.

Where Is Epe Located?

Epe is a town and Local Government Area (LGA) in Lagos State, Nigeria located on the north side of the Lekki Lagoon and about 90 km from Ibadan. It is a Yoruba town of 294 rural and 24 semi-urban settlements located near the Lagos lagoon. Epe is famed for its fish market, which thrives on the labor of those whose livelihoods are dependent on the lagoon – and the fish that reside there.

The Epe district of Lagos, Nigeria is home to notable higher education institutions such as Lagos State University, Yaba College of Technology, Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, and Pan-Atlantic University. The Lagos State Government constructed a sculpture of two huge fish at a traffic junction at the entrance to Epe from the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

Is Epe Safe to Invest In?

Buying a property or investing in property in Epe is safe provided your are dealing with a professional realtor like. Want to Chat With Us? Click Here. Another things to consider when investing is how fast is the development and return on investment


Epe is fast developing with government projects such as Alaro City, International Airport etc and also with many private new estates being in this area.

In a few years to come, Epe Town will see a massive influx of numerous big-time investors from all over the world. This is also the same reason, it is being projected to become the next great investment haven, similar to Dubai. For instance, in the year 2012, the price of a full of land in Epe was 270,000. Now (2023) a plot of land is over 1 million naira.

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Land Appreciation

Due to the various projects being put in place by both the government of Lagos state and individuals, these make Epe a better place to invest now because once the projects finally start, there will be a massive increase in the price of land in Epe.

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